SiLVErPuPPiEz sent me this.
Kayleigh has these instuctions for you lovely people:

normal black lines of eyeliner along the eyes then "lashes" of varying length drawn down from the eye. usually 5 or 6 down, 1 sideways then 1 above. Then black eyeshadow from the top "lash" down in a kinda slant to the tear duct. creates a kinda oriental gothic look.

Megs sent me this.
From Cinnamn329: Harliquin (1): The two colors can be interchangeable. I like doing it in green and black. When you line the side with green, use black mascara, and the side with black lining, use green mascara. If you want, you can even do your lips two toned.

Ankh (2): Kinda self explanitory, hmm?
Charon gave me these two, and instructions:
Start with your black. (Duh ;> ) And line underneath your right eye, (Treat the image as if you were looking in a mirror.) the thickness of the area between your lower lid, and the lash line. Draw the inside corner down abit, following and filling in the natrual triangle around your tear duct. Above that, draw a very thin line of black along your eyelid to the edge of your iris.(Looking straight ahead.) Then to make the trailing edges on the outside corner. Thicken the line you made starting at the outside edge of your iris, and draw that back and curve up slightly. The upper lid is much the same way, except you shade or line from the outside edge of the iris all the way up to the crease and as close to the lid as you can, you should be left with a neat little triangle-ish. The bottom of which follows your natural eye line, and trails out slightly, shorter than the first trail, and a bit higher. Then add a very thin line of medim grey to the upper inside extending from the black liner, to the center of your eye.
For the left The basic form is the same all the way to the first trailing edge. Draw that as above, then thicken the line as you bring it back down, but don't follow the line exactly, as you come down about 1/4 of the eyelid, branch off, and draw a slight s-curve under your eye. Make sure to keep the outer ends of your trails sharp. Once your're done there, add the grey just like you did before. Also, if you can pull it off, try taking the outer trails all the way to the edge of the eyebrows. Only the upper for your right eye, though. If I do this, I need to darken my eyebrows just abit. Take your black liner, and use the side of the point to sortof brush over and darken them.
This is my "classic" eyework. A very simple black line to draw up your corners slightly, then a blue well of tears beneath one eye. If you're good with detail, and the slightest bit of white inside one edge of the teardrop to highlight it. Usually I wear this with black lipliner, drawing the corners of my lips out slightly, and a ruby red lipstick. Very dramatic effect on a pale foundation.
From Lady Phoenix always gets compliments with these. She's been an InstaGoth Poster Child, and is in Devil Dolls for the month of February.

Jennifer is Not Goth, but has used ideas from here for two Halloweens running!
From I recieved these three fabulous drawings.
From Ozzy: the blue dots are blue diamond things, either the cheap ones with the sticky stuff or the real stuff you stick on with spirit gum.
Jessica sent me these three really interesting designs.
Namaliavashta sent these, all the way from Bulgaria!

They are four, and the first one is the most simple ever - just the ordinary black eyeliner all around the eye, only I usually slightly sharpen the inner corner of the eye. The second one... Oh, hell - I don't know all the words I need to describe these. But anyway, I think the drawings are clear enough, there's nothing complicated. I do them all with black eyeliner, not a liquid one though. For several years I've tried and I still haven't succeeded in putting it on in a way I'd dare go out, so I still use kohl.
Lutalia sent me these four- she usually keeps it simple but she's been known to change things up a bit. Her major problem is the lack of goths around there, she's the only one.
sylvie gave me this pic. isn't she pretty?
Dragonhippie sent me this.

Seph wears these with his "Absynth" personality.

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