Wow, someone sent me eyes all the way from Holland! ceridwen asked me to excuse her bad grammar and spelling, but I thought she had better grammar and spelling than some Americans.

i wear these regularly. there isn't something even close to a goth scene around here, so it is *not* rare when i walk into a room or something and people instantly FAINT ('you're a witch or something?') but it isn't all bad; i do get nice reactions. anyway, the comments on my designs are as following:

I    just line your face with eyeshadow. very sub- tile...
II   eyeshadow+red pencil=contrast.
IV   draw lines with (liquid)pencil. fill in with eyeshadow.
V    changing colors. just for variety...
VI    i call this the bat wing.

janel longoria sent me this pretty impressive number.
Candace gave me instructions:

Eye1: do a thin line of pink shadow and/or liner all around the eyes and in the crease use a white or grey shadow, on the top of the eyes use a shimmering white, or light blur or purple.. sometimes i just use gliter (the real fine kind), and use black eyeliner (make sure if it's a pencil, it's very sharp) and do a thin line around the eyes right on the lash line.

Eye2: this is a half and half look, on the outside (or inside depending on the colors you use) use a darker shade of a color- I chose blue because it's my favorite color, and go all the way to the crease and kind draw an imaginary line int he center of your eye for a guideline. Do the same thing with a lighter shade of the color on the inside lid and crease and use the darker color to draw a lin on the bottom lash line.. on the top lid, if you do want a color, go for white or anything pale.. even the palest shade of the color you use (like for me it would be very pale blue)
ashlika the LPG gave me this, and is planning on more.
Obsidiana finally got around to giving me her eyes, and here they are:

The first one (bright purple) is actually from a dream I had, but could, in theory, be done with the right colours of eyeshadow and one of those little tiny eyeliner brushes. The second one is what I usually wear. It's very simple: black eyeliner, dark purple eyeshadow.

line your eyes with a semi frosty color. in the same color but darker shade apply it to the rest of your eye. put the lightest of whatever color you chose on the edge of your eyes and under it, make sure its frosty and glittery
klara even gave me instructions:

I usually do the eyeliner first. It can be in black, although I usually use an onyx/very dark blue colour. Also, you don't have to do the whole eye, but definitely do the top lid with liquid eyeliner and maybe a bit of the lower lash line and don't forget the dots under the eye. [Pencil is fine but I have found liquid is better]. I then do the little swirls, with the bottom one first so I can get it balanced. Like any partly elaborate eyeliner, you'll need to practise it a bit first before you get it good enough to go out in public with it.

I then put on a fairly vibrant light [almost bright pastel] green on the entire lid. I then use a dark metallic green on the outer corner of the lid and I like to smudge it a bit so it lightly extends out. I then use some sparkly white to highlight under the eyebrows, and this can be blended with the edge of the light green to give a softer effect. I then usually retrace over the eyeliner again to make it a bit stronger because there is usually a bit of stray eyeshadow over it.

I don't usually do eye make-up like this much so I have only worn this a few times but people have commented on it [impressive yet simple!!!]. It looks good with purple lipstick and pale foundation.
Kainer sent these two, she's also an Insta Goth Poster Child.
Luckycharmschk sent this very green little thing, and very red little thing.
Angela drew these that she uses sometimes in MSPaint.
Jessica gave me a bunch of pretties.
Wendy does this with curlies.
Paige gave me these two.
IJustWokeUp sent me this.
faerii likes this done in liquid eyeliner. It reminds her of something from India.
Leanne did these, in Paint:

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