Skull Ornament
  Black Wreath

  Jewish Reindeer Candy Cane

Safety Pin tutorial (Photoshop)


Make your own coffin purse (for those of us who want little Barbie coffins)
For the truly insane, make your own coffin! Not quite as psychotic as it could be, but close enough...
Make your own bat wings!
Make your own fangs!
The Gothic Martha Stewart page
Martha Stewart herself even has some nifty stuff- search under "Halloween," "spooky," "bats," "spiders," etc.
GawthKrafte, a lot of the images are broken, but its still got some interesting stuff.
alt.gothic.arts-and-crafts doesn't have much, but its still worth looking at.
DH2 has some fantastic costuming and prop building tips.
Costumes.org is full of great tips, and links to an insane number of places.

And someday I plan to put up something on how to make chainmail, but until then, I have a link for you. Besides, making your own is really only for people as psychotic as I am...
Rhavyn's Keep Chainmaille Design has some truly lovely things, and he knows a few different patterns of mail.

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