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Download the Morpheus, Ogilvie, and Nosferatu fonts at The Kiwi Media Shareware Font Archive before continuing. And don't forget the Goodfellow or the Burton's Nightmare font at The Nightmare Before Christmas page...

Well now, I suppose the first order of business is the question of what exactly a goth is...

Goth-v. Olde English form of "go," sort of a shortened form of go-eth.

Nah, that isn't it... Although I goth clubbing has potential...

Goth-n. One of a Germanic tribe, who, in the third, fourth, and fifth centuries, invaded both the Eastern and Western empires, and founded kingdoms in Italy, France, and Spain

Nope, nope, nope, that's not it either, although its closer,
but our kingdoms are more widespread,
and I think we can be more barbaric when we want to be...

Gothic-adj. Of, pertaining to, or concerned with the Goths and their language

Now that works, if we could only get a good definition of Goth...

Goth-n. One who behaves like a barbarian, esp. in the destruction or neglect of works of art; a rude, uncivilized, or ignorant person; one devoid of culture and taste. Often associated with Vandal

That sounds more like some punk goths really...

Gothic-adj. barbarious, rude, uncouth, unpolished, in bad taste.

Now that sounds like some goths, but definately doesn't sound like all of them

Gothic-adj. a term for the style of architecture prevelant in Western Europe from the twelfth to the sixteenth century, of which the chief characteristic is the pointed arch.

No, that's not it, although its cool too...
And I think the chief characteristic is more the pointed boot

Gothic-adj. a form of writing in the 19th century

Damn. No, not that. Wait, I know its here somewhere... Ah, here it is...

Goth-n. a lifestyle that originated in Britain; characterized by black and/or dark colored clothing; a fascination with death and things death related, owners of more boots than shoes; often seen wearing lace, leather, pvc, latex, etc.; possessors of all the issues of Sandman and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

Note: for those of you who don't get it, the above definition of goth is a joke. Get over it, and stop emailing me.

Some definitions curtesy of the "Compact" (yeah, right, I have it, its anything but compact, I assure you) Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary...

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