I made ornaments to go on my Halloween tree, and be used elsewhere to carry on the theme (like hanging from the chandelier).

skull Skull Ornament skull

skull   Materials:
plain glass ball ornaments (frosted silver used, from Target)
black glass paint

I decided to make a template. Since I wanted to make the ornaments double sided, and I wanted to do quite a few of them, a template would make everything much easier. I measured the radius of the balls, and used a compass set at half that to make a circle on a piece of paper. I drew the template onto that, keeping in mind that as things got further from the center, they would be distorted and made smaller.

I cut out the shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouth, and then cut lines radiating out from the center, starting at about an inch from the center. I placed the paper template over one of the balls, and shaped it with the cuts to about the shape of the ball, and taped the edges together. A chunk was cut out of the top for where the hanger was, and the jaw edge bits were finalized, and cut.

With the template placed over the ball, I used a pencil to lightly transfer the pattern on both sides. This was then gone over and filled in with the glass paint, and left to dry.


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