Trencha gave me these: The first one titled "Punk Cat Eyes" I almost got thrown out of school for. The second design titled "Nature Curls" I wear to clubs.
Porphyria can never have enough blue eyeshadows, and always puts the blue dots on to add the space-slut look.
Mai Molko, another UK goth, sent me a versitile design. Done with liquid jet black eyeliner and looks great with any coloured lipstick, though especially striking with black lipstick. Also for a softer effect can be done with black eye shadow... and a silver eyeshadow can be applied to the brow bone to make the look stand out more.
chelsey gave me a whole slew of goodies.

you put lime green eye shadow under your eyes and take either a black or darker green eyeliner and make a lil line ontop of your eye and drag it around the eyeshadow a lil bit

simple green glitter on top, and a lil purple dot in the corner of each eye and some type of symbol on the outer part of the eye i did the juno reactor sign.

what kidkid from lunatic candy kreep (ex singer) wore simple lil red dots

is kinda complicated(sp?) but like its leopard print. ehe i got it from the huge leopard print fad now and its heavy black eyeliner kinda half circles going everywhichway and hot pink eyeliner (or anycolor) filling in the inside of the i said kinda hard to do but fun to try and mess with.
Alexandra sent me this "Sad Clown," a little reminscent of the Crow...
Lady Andramida sent me this simple yet elegant design, that she came up with one day while drawing a picture, and decided to try it.
Kelly Paine, a UK goth, sent me this vampy little thing.
Liorah sent me a prime example of a glittergoth, with lots o' glitter and stick-on jewels.
Mists makes this one: basically you do the basic black eyeliner but pull it out on the inner corner of your eye, to give it a real almond shape (almost ala ancient egypt) then you put a silver shadow (or your own choice of whatever three shadows you like) on the top, then a blue shadow in the crease and a purple shadow on the lid, then you take a color - blu silver or purple and put it a tiny bit under and right over the black under your eye add some glitter on top and viola! you are all pretty!
Gillian sent me one little pretty she wore to ozzfest, and another she wore to the show of a local band, groovenics, and some makeup she did for their lead singer.

1. pluck eyebrows and paint over them with black liquid eyeliner (this step optional).
2. outline upper lashline with black liquid liner.
3. use finger to apply loose, pink coloured shimmer dust from lashline to brow.
4. use bright pink lipliner (unless you can find a bright pink eyeliner) or thin tipped pink marker and line below bottom lashes.
5. use extra-hold hair gel or eyelash glue to apply a row of small pink rhinestones to the upper lasline of left eye.
6. sam as five, but put the rhinestones in a line going down from the outcorner of right eye.
7. same as 5 & 6, except use a larger-sized rhinestone and place it inbetween eyebrows.
*Can be done in any colour*

Devanshi sent me this little lovely.
Jenny is another Christian goth, and does these cute "cat eyes." There aren't many goths around where she lives either (ah, the trials of being one of the far-flung goths...)
Kat has this to say about her contribution: "This looks really funny on paper and my artistic skills don't help. In real life, the pink isn't so much pink as almost white, which just makes your eye sockets look really pale. it goes right up to the eyebrows, and right across the side of the face. liquid eyeliner works bestfor this cos it's not as smudgy, and cos there's enough under the eyes not to need to line underneath anyway. As for the funny stuff underneath, that's really thick, really glittery glitter. one with as much actual stuff in it as possible, applied with a paintbrush. I find the whole thing looks really cool with dead pale silver lips."
The ever prolific Jessie keeps sending me eyes, some wonderful "eye lace," cute little harleyquinn eyes, sort of a snakie thing, spider eyes, and another little goodie.

A pretty thing with blue

Spider Eyes

Snakie Eyes

This is a style that I'm starting to wear more and more. It's sort of goth-glam. It goes well with dark red lipstick and pale skin (but then, doesn't everything?)

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