This has been the "do" Kendra has been using for about a month now. She'll usually change the colors of the eyeshadow, but crimson, yellow, and purple are her faves...She's into the bright stuff. She usually does the blue dots with Glitter Art Body Glitter that you can get at your local Sally's ;-) Sadly, that stuff stings like a you-know-what when it's been on the skin for more than 4 hours...but it looks pretty.
Shala keeps going back to this little number.
Aeryne Wright sent me this pretty pretty. No one in her home town appreciates it.
SaVaNNaH sent me this glam goth goodie with fake eyelashes.
Jonothan sent me these two prime examples of gorgeous goth eyeliner. Both were designed at DragonCon1999. The one on the left is based on a symbol in Brian Froud's The World of the Dark Crystal, elaborated. (For anyone lucky enough to have a copy of the book, it was the alchemical crystal symbol.) The one on the right is original (at least so far as he conciously knows), and was created when another attendee at the convention who requested him to do their makeup.
Carrie sent me this cute little thing.
Meyallelth sent me this cute thing, with examples.
Janice sent me these little babies. She was suspended for the red one.
Max Rayle wears this with small lense sunglasses.
Invisi-goth sent me these four goodies.
I like to use a maroonish color to make it look like I'm a combination of bleeding and briused. Nothing beats the classic black eye look.
After being dead for awhile I figure if the climate's right you will grow mold.who can resist the look of bleeding acid out the eyes.
Alea Blumling, a Christian goth (yes, such things DO exist), sent me this little number.
Ryan sent me this with a story. He was over at his friend's house who was going to (ecch!) a soccer game. Ryan was already fishnetted and otherwise all gothed up, so he decided to go a step further, eye makeup! His friend (a guy) didn't have any eyeshadow, but he made due with the eyeliner he had with him. Well, when they got to this game, boy did they stare! (im a male, mind you) "i felt so proud at that moment to be a freak!"
Wolfshadow sent me this.
The inspiration for this little number from Dawn is from Ryo-ohki in Tenchi Muyo (bunny kitty!).
Diana Blackwell of Odor of Pears sent this pretty little thing, for which she is locally infamous.
Crimson sent this spooky little baby. Love what shading can do, don't you?

Brandy sent me this. "Here is a pair of eyes for your webpage. I call them "Mopey" or "My Eyeliner is Running!". I was going to do something a little more intricate but right now all I have is windows Paint. :-( Until then, here is all I have."
IceChic gave me this cute little thing in yellow and green...
joDi sent me this. Poor dear lives in a "goth-free zone."

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