Here is my eyes and a picture of me wearing my lovely creation ;)
Hey, I was doing a search and ran across your site. Awesome job...i love it! Just thought i'd contribute one of my pics...although somebody, somewhere, has probably used the same design...oh well - thnx Hey- the other picture I sent was from a while back so I figured I'd send these new ones - thanks-

here are a few designs i have that i know look good on the actual human form (unlike some of the ones people design, they look awesome on the 2d eyes but in real life they just look bad....) One is for the goth who likes simplicity... not too much makeup, just the initial design really (good for when u don't really want to get out of bed but u cna't live without your makeup) The next is for the goths that like to go all out such as myself. One picture i thought was just a good picture... the other shows the actual design... I have many more designs because i do my makeup every day, and different every single time... so i will get my ass in gear one of these days and send you more of them...
I'm Empty_smiles ^_^ Here is my subbmisions to the site. Enjoy!
Hi I'm Ashleigh and here are some of my designs on paper hope ya like 'em cause i wear/do a different one almost eveyday!!! Thanx for more click on my name or go to
heres a pic of a friend of mine kyle he used liquid and pencil eye linear not bad for doing it all by himself.
I have rcently embarked on your site and i Love it, makes me not feel so insane about being arty, I dont know if your still adding eyes but here is some. Thnx for the cool idea its so hard to find a site like yours.

Hey sorry that I can't make they little eye thing but I wanted to show you a picture of my eye makeup. Love ya lots Kayla

I go abit overboard with some of the designs.

I used eyeliner on my lips because I couldn't find my lipstick and it didn't dry out my lips at all ( I used abit of Hemp Balm ( Lip Balm from Happy Hempsters Hip Trip for Lips )
'ello there. i saw your gothic eye site and i loved it. i see that you'd like to see other people's designs, yes? well, i thought that you'd l8ike to see some of mine. much thanks.
this is a picture of one of my good friends and i thouhgt her eyes were cool.....
Hilo, I'm a UK Goth type thing. Here are my eyes, I did the black stuff and my boyfriend thought I needed more eyeliner so he didn't feel over make-upped :P. Aaaanyways....yeah, 'tis simple to do me thinks.

Hello, sister Tasha! I love your site; it's given me lots of ideas. I'll have to try some of them out sometime. I became a Goth fairly recently (I've always been a geek, so now I'm a Cybergoth, or as I like to call it, Goth4x0r) so I've only really used one very simple trademark pattern that I came up with. It's basically sweeping, Egyptian-style tapering curves up from the corners of the eye, meeting the eyebrow, and black "tears" that fade down the cheek (so that when you close your eyes the design should make a curved cross with your eyelid).

Kuolema Nox

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