Here are two of my eyes.

here's a pic for your site. i dunno if it's any good for you or not. :) the copyright thingy on it. is mine :P lol. so i didnt steal it or anything.


Ok, here is my submission from works I have done on my own eyes.

The first is the rose.

The second is flowers for the dead.

The third is grumpy bear.

The fourth is the Goddess of Wings.

My name is Mania.
Here a mail from the Netherlands Europe.
I like your Goth make up site! If you are interested, you can put my pics on it as well.

Both is me.
On the pic with the mohawk, I wear a make up I designed in the early nineties (I'm old, 33 years, argh, and into the Punk and Goth scene since the mid eighties)
The Alien on the side of my head was painted by my husband and people actually thought it was a real tattoo.
On the other pic I wear one of my favourite make up. This pic has been on billboards and postcards to advertise for a Gothic Fantasy festival where I did my performances. Too bad a lot of neo Goths try to imitate it over here...

For more info about me, check my profile at
Morrigu Sluaghim is my artists name.

Sinister greetz,

Morrigu the Sluaghim (a.k.a. Cecilie)
I came across your site a short while's great! I felt like contributing a couple of my designs...dunno if they're any good at all, but it's all I have currently. With the first design, I figured one fake eyelash has more effect than two. I'm not always partial to being symmetrical, so that's why that design works with me. When I can find time to take more pics of my other designs, I'll let you know. I'm not much of an artist, but this is what I do.
hey, i saw your website and you have some amazing ideas, and i thought i wud sumit mine. there are some new ones done with liquid eyeliner and i think there better
heeey! i was looking through some sites when i was bored and i came across this one... have to say its absaloutley amazing! ^_^ Just thought id send a few of my make-up pics. Im a Goth and most of my ideas are basic, but effective i guess... hope they ok!
Sarah xxxx
yaaay, more pic-ee-churs!

Ive got about a million and a half different things I do, but most of them are somewhat similar, and I assumed you dont need more stuff dragging down your bandwidth. by the way, my name is MADison (AKA, MADness...) is my personal site.

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