Hi- Just want to say I love your site. It's what inspired me to start the whole eyeliner craze about three months back. I'm not strictly goth (more like a mosher- I don't really do labels) but I love the make-up. I would have liked to send some photos, but lack of scanner or digital camera has resulted in me having to settle for rather bad versions done in paint!

1- Kenya
I did this design when I was on an expedition in Kenya and we all went out for a meal at the end, hence the name. A little giraffe and snake. Any animals could be used, but I did it in a hurry so had to settle for easy ones!

2- Ying-yang
Another from Kenya. Made me laugh- ying-yangs are for balance right? Well, the very second someone pointed this out to me, I tripped while I was walking and dropped a full can of cola. Hmm...

3- Zombie
Not one I wear, but a halloween costume. The red is fake blood. Warning- do not get fake blood in your eye- it could cause blindness, and stings to buggery!

4- Veins
The first one my former high school friends saw me in. Liquid eyeliner (as all my designs are) it's occasionaly straight lines as opposed to curvy.

5- Ankhs
Yeah- there's a few designs like this, but it's the first style I tried out. Sentimental value and all...

6- Spiderman
I wore this to the Spiderman 2 premier (in my home town, not London unfortunatly) and there was this group of teeny bopper 12 year olds stood giggling at me. *Sniff* I was so proud! i love the funny looks- so much more fun to stand out and be me rather than hide behind lip gloss and eyeliner. O_o If you know what I mean...

() ()
Well, For starters, My Name is Liane and I am a huge fan of eye designs and i love to go all out on mine and i came across your site and i saw some really gorgeous designs and i was reading around to see if it was possible to put me and my designs in there. Here are just a Few samples of my work.. I just wanted to put mine out on the web so they can use mine as an idea. I hope you enjoy these designs and pictures.

Fare Thee Well but Not Forever,
Liane Kay Werner
Here are more designs... I think the fake eyelashes give it a nice touch :)
hi would like to show you some of my eyemake-up designs and a pic of what it looks like. Basicly you just use red, black,white, and gray eyeliner and a glitter eyeliner(silver looks best). On the left eye you draw tree stars on the outside of the eye ine in crease of your eye and above the brow. The star on the out sideis red with a black out line.The star above the brow is black out line with a glitter filling. the one on the inside is black with a white filling. The right eye you draw a star around the inside of the eyesocket. The star is gray with the gitter eyelinerover it with a black outline. With the lips (only do if it looks good on you) you outline your lips then on the left sine you draw a short line going down and a star at the end. Om the right side you draw a line star out with a star at the end.
love allwyas
glitter goth420
i hope you like them....they're kinda simple but nice. i use liquid and pencil eyeliner for both.

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