Here's a lil somethin' I like to do, not too much work at all, fairly simple and I get lots of compliments about it.
All the way from Canada:

Here's 2 great eye makeup jobs that I wear a whole lot.

Crypt Doll
I did it last night and thought it looked really good.

This is my fiancÚ Kristopher, I really like this eyeliner on him, and I thought some other people may also. It's already hosted for you.


I did a google search for gothic eyeliner designs and stumbled upon your site. I was tired of my old designs and saw that your site had tons all of which I shall have to try out. ^_^

I also saw that you take eyeliner design submissions and I decided to submit one of the ones I came up with out of boredom.

The eyeshadow is a dark red with a gold over the top up to the browbone and is simply blended in. It makes for an awsome effect if you're going to be surrounded by candlelight.

-Liquid Nightmare
Hello, I send you my pretty goth eyes !

- Marj
Hi, my name is Malvina (no joke) what can i say... here they are...

I also wanted to add that i AM a Christian Goth...and...basically that's all :-)

More lovely images here: (recommended!)

I absolutely love designs on the body. Eye make up and tattoos alike. I originally got the crazy idea to start doing fun stuff like this from (really good ones there by Digital Switch =) ) Anyway, All I use is liquid Rimmel eyeliner (koal pencils are imPOSSIBLE, I swear, bah), mascara, and some Q-tips. I hope you enjoy what you see..

this is my favorite, always bright colors, but switch them every other day to keep the look from getting old. <3 Vanessa
here is one of my designs. looks quite nice on, not too over the top but not too boring either. i have a lot more that i'll be sending in soon. love from leona rodden xxx
Not sure exactly how submissions work. I stumbled across your sight some time ago, and fell in love with all the designs I've seen there! Then one day I was sitting at my computer and started sketching, and came up with a few of my own. I was like "hey, that one looks fun" and I tried it and thought, since it turned out okay, it might be a good idea to send it in!

If I gave it a name, it would be "Dawn and Dusk"...

It's a little difficult to see everything, so here's some info and suggestions. Please note that I SUCK at giving instructions and you don't have to put any of them with this picture if you decide to place it on the site:

1. Unless you are VERY skilled with liquid eyeliner (I'm not ><) sketch everything lightly with pencil first. It'll make things neater and it's easier to clean off.
2. Line top and bottom lids, extending the inner corner of either the left or both eyes.
3. Right Eye (In the Picture. Feel free to reverse..):

* Extend the outer corner a bit, then curve down slightly and extend a bit more (Like a cloud-on-moon, or lightning bolt.)
* From outer corner, begin to place a darker line on lower lid until you reach the point where you want to dip down. Drop and and curve into a fish-hook shape. Place the moon and star (or other shapes, none of this is completely set. =3) inside the curve.
* Add a shooting star in the space between the outer extension and the beginning of the fish-hook, with the tail pointed outwards.

4. Left Eye (Once again, as shown in picture. Feel free to reverse.)

* From outer corner, draw a slanted line (resembling this: / ). Be careful of the crease in your upper eyelid: you'll have to modify the line a bit so it ends up looking mostly straight.
* At a slant, cross over this with a shorter line in the opposite direction ( \ ), still staying at the outer corner of eye.
* Extend another short downward slant in the opposite direction of the line you just drew. Basically, you are drawing an X over the first line, but part of the X is cut off, because it's where your eye is...
* Now extend a straigh horizontal line from the outer corner, and curve it downward into an open circle. Draw a little sun (or other shape) inside this circle.
* Add three dots on lower portion going from outer corner.

5. Both Eyes (Optional, and colors are changable. This is just really hard to see on the picture...): Using a very small brush, add a gold or yellow eyeshadow to lids from lashes to crease, and then a silver from crease to brows. (Shimmery ones are best. This is supposed to represent the sun and the moon, or something to that theme.) And, I don't know about everyone else, but I just couldn't pull the design together without mascara... :/...

Anyhow.. Enjoy? O_o ~Crystylia

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