I'm Sanne.
I really like your web page!!!
At school I draw a lot of things even eyes.
Maybe you can use some of my ideas.
I'm from holland and I don't understand everything from your page so I hope I didn't send you something you can't use.
There really isn't any instruction for this, it's pretty basic stuff. And just a reminder that makeup doesn't need to end with just the face. :)

Love Tawnya
Hey, I was just going through the web searching for some new ideas for my eye designs and I came across your site, I love it. I have an old picture of my eyes, which is why it looks the way it does but I hope people can still see them. I did it all with just a black eye liner pencil, and I sprayed a bit of hairspary over it and it won't smudge for hours.
these are pictures of my favorite eye designs, My name is Heather, but most people call me Seth. well i hope to see any of my designs on your website
=^.^= Seth =^.^=

these ones are psychological eyes, cuz i pissed my friend off with them cuz the part inbetween the eyes kept catching his attention and it forced him to stare into my eyes when either of us spoke, and most people dont look into your eyes when they talk, they kinda look to the side.

signed, Scarecrow
Hello, my name is Marlena (Lena for short) and I found your site on Sunday and today is Thursday.
I am sending in one picture, but its two pairs of eyes. The second one is kinda crappy and when I can scan pictures I will send in a pic of me wearing it. Thanks!
umm..there's a picture of my eyes...with that design on it...I love this eye art stuff...its fun to express yourself through your makeup..well..hopefully you like the design!I think your so pretty...*giggles*I love your creations!!!! please write back if you get the chance to!my name is Victoria...incase you need my name for any reason..*shrugs* anyway...keep up the awesome work!!!

Hello, My name is Salvation, you can call me Salvi for short.

recently I have been wearing gothic makeup to school everyday instead of just on the weekends, and I started to run out of ideas. So being the dork i am i looked up gothic makeup tips on google and your site was on a links page. I LOVE everything about your site and I would like to contribute to you because you have helped me O.o!
I tryed to do my eyeliner on a paint program but it looks better in person.
hey, um, heres some of the ones i wear, i have a large library of my styls, but here are some that i like the most. call them what you want. ~Jessika
ok, I know they are kinna plain, but they are easy and fast.Which is a plus for lazy people like me.I've seen some rockstars like manson and jonathan davis do their eyes like this.So it's for guys and girls.I do it with liquid and pencil liners. jungle_kittee

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