Hey! I was looking for Goth eye ideas last night and came across your cool site!:) I'm not very good at drawing eyes, like some of the submissions to your site, but I do have lots of pictures of my eye experiments. I've attached a couple small files, and if it's what you're looking for, feel free to post them, I'd be honored. Ciao!


i havnt seen a boi on your site yet...so...here ya go ;)
hey. i'm wicked jester for now i'm only putting up one(lushes red). i love the make-up designs people have done on this page. i love experimenting with em.

I love your website with all the gothic eyes. So im sending some of my own just to help out.

heres how i did my eyeliner several days ago.. i know its nothing too special compared to most of your pics and the way i usually do my eye makeup but i think its something different.. and simple for the beginner =] it involves lots of black eyeshadow.. giving the smokey effect  in the upper crease of the eyelid. liquid liner and tons of mascara ! hope you like..

Mydnyght Rayvn

both of these are are put on my me but whos wearing them -grins evily- Chad, he trusts me! -tear- heh anywho, i only took a pic of one eye just becuase its to be put on both sides (if that is your wish). My favorite is the first one (three lines and dots...) its just so much to do! woot! well they are done by just tons of mascara, and liquid and pencil eyeliner... I hope the design is easy to follow and hope that you enjoy these two.


There's no real explanation on how to perform this. Just basically mimic the outline and do whatever from there
The grey is a light grey eyeshadow I have. It's barely noticeable.
im sending 3 because all of them are..well im just ugly so take what you want and fuck the rest, or hell take none just thought i'd offer :) --- D.J.

(Its always the cute ones who don't realize they are)

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