Well, I noticed the lack of old-school goth/ghoul punk makeup, so i figured I might as well make some of my own to send to you. There are a couple HEAVILY influenced by Siouxsie, one of Jonny Slut's simpler makeups, one based on Catwoman Sue, and a few of my own devising. A few tips for accomplishing these looks...blend as little as possible on the Catwoman Sue and Siouxsie Sioux makeup...also, all but the Siouxsie designs are much easier to apply with no eyebrows...soap 'em down, shave 'em off, whatever, just so long as you can draw in your own. I use a combination of pencil and liquid liners, and always apply my eyeshadow first. I hope you enjoy them!

/X\(..)/X\ Austin /X\(..)/X\

The withering rose:

I can't do the lil drawings for you, otherwise you won't get them in a format you can veiw. But I can send you plenty of pictures. I do a lot of different designes. These are the best ones. You fell free to use which ever ones you want. and size them to which ever size you like

NecrochildK Not sure if you'd like these bits. One is just for the eye itself, no makeup and the other is a pencil sketch I did in my sketchbook(hence the yellowish tint to the image)
Amanda says:

I call this design Pretty Kitty. I like using pencil liner to do the black however I am sure liquid would work well. The yellow color is metalic gold. Bronze looks nice too. It has a slight Egyption cat look to it . I love this look.

I call this one Dead Goddess. It looks best with the purple and silver blended more. This look takes a lot of work you will need to play around with it to tailor it to you. I think it looks really great with purple lipstick.

I call this one eye opener. It gives a wide eyed look hence the name.

I have no idea how to do this one but it looks neat.

I have worn these to school on occasion... I usually get funny looks, but thats half the fun, right?
Hey. I'm PoisonousSilence. I have 3 pics to submit to your site ^_^ I love make-up. Hope you like them ^^
1. Polka-Dot Goth

2.This one reminds me of a character from Star Trek.. I think his name was Q. He had the weird sharp teeth, and a wide wrinkly face, that looked as though his ears were welded on as part of his face, not just side attachments....

3.My eyes, and me.. wearing them ^_^ Sort of inspired by Brandon Lee in the first "Crow" movie.

This is a cute little design I absolutely love.I use black N.Y.C. liquid liner and line my eyes like a cats eyes would look,then I use Wet'n'Wild purple eye shadows and line my eye lids with the darker shade of purple,then i take the lighter shade of purple and go over the top of the darker shade.And as for the spider webs,with the liquid liner,draw a short line under your eye,then curl the end of it,then draw as many lines after it as you would like,then connect the spider web.I usually line the spider web with some light grey eye shadow,it just seems to give it a more eerie look.
Otome first sent me these pink pretties, a while ago.

And now says:

Woo, I finally decided to submit something again. I wore this once when I dressed up as a court jester for something in Girlscouts. The little blue-ish things are supposed to be stick-on jewels. Very fun to wear, but a pain in the rear to apply.

this is an eye that a recently worked on but not long, its real simple to do just use eye shadow of any color you chose and let it fade down.
Laura Silva:

I've done a few drawings that I'd like to share with you... I've been searching, so I think that I haven't copied anyone, although there are similar designs!
The instructions are simple!

1- Draw a thick live above the top eyelashes using black liquid eyeliner; You can also use mascara for a *deeper*effect, although this is optional!
2-Draw another line with the eyeliner, drawing the shape of the eyelid, but ending in a *cat-eye* ending.
3-Finally, use the eyeliner(liquid or pencil) to draw the dots, that get bigger, as far as they first dot!
4- It looks cool with any color you like, I've included some variations, so that you can get the point!

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