HexeVonDunkelheit, the Witch Warrior sent a few designs, made of liquid and pencil eyeliner, and a lot of mascara:

Just take any kind of eye make-up and follow the design. lol, it's that easy, don't complicate things:0) She also lives in a small town and gets remarks from everyone about what she wears and her makeup, so, for those who are in the same situation, she sympathizes with ya!

You use any eye pencil, that's a silver colour and outline the top or your eye, then find silver eye shadow, and put it on top! you can also do this one with gold, which i use frequently, it makes a very nice effect! For this one you outline your eye with a black eyeliner, then you simply put green eye shadow on top! it's basically the same thing as the one before, just you use black eye shadow.
The first one is called Coper.It's made with a coper eyeliner or eye shadow....There's nothing to it really...if you want to, to add a more shiny effect, you can add a slightly paler coper color on the top of your eye lid... the second one is called Mimic.I just found this cute. A simple black eyeliner or jet liquid eye liner will do the trick. The third one is called Elegant Vampire.

Of this one she says: "Tis the pentagram...Paint your face gain that warrior soul:)"
a few of my creations...for these all that is needed, once again, is liquid eye liner, pencil, mascara and alot of patience.

They are mainly tribal and therefore contain many details merged together.

Have fun with them

ok, in the first pic there's what I call a tribal spider design. Made simply with liquid eye liner. Do note that I always improvise my designs, so if the reproduction on the top right of the pic is not accurate well it's due to me never following specific patterns. As for the lipstick, take a normal silver or white shade, outline it with black eye pencil, and blend it in...makes a nice effect
In the second pic, my cousin Maryse was kind enough to give her face to me. and so, she bares a nice delicate vine, and a sun flower. Liquid eye liner again. however, she has white shimmering eye powder under her brow, to enhance her light coloured eye brows.
here's another design...didn't get time to put it into a drawing so i'll just send you the pic. Once more, made with liquid eye liner and coal pencil.

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