Roza sent this:

Just some make-up examples from me.
Just get some blue (or wich color you like) eye shadow put it on your face.
The stripes from my eyebrow to my eye is done with black lipstick (my eyepencil was broken..)
The cross and the other stripes are done with eyepencil.
my mouth just with black lipstick and the "blood" done with red lipstick.

If you take blue eyeshadow, your skin will look whiter :)

Lady Lilith:
From ImPrtIrish:

These are my Fish eyes.
They were drawn in Microsoft paint..And considering i cant draw very well i think i did a good job. :)

To make the Fish eyes you use a very dark blue eyeliner and line all the way around your eyes. Then you do a butterfly wing type thing on the side(im not good at instructions) Do a line through the butterfly thingy and then fill it in with whatever designs you want. Maybe circles or stripes.... Be sure when you fill it in to use a colour that goes with the navy blue I use an electric blue eyeshadow.......
Thedarknessofhel would love to see pictures of someone wearing this.
From adidaspunk524
For this one, you should let the dots get smaller as you go

You should use a pencil that can help you fade off the lines at the end, liquid liner on this one still works though

Matt says: "Here are my eyez!! I do this quite often. Some tips on doing it is to not try to be even on both sides, and I use liquid only on them, but im sure pencil would look fine!"
From tmima:
Rhodanthe the Fluffy says, "Here's a little fae-ish thing... Always looks neat with glitter-y designs."
Tessa is an elder goth who contributed these two dramatic designs.
XoPuNk4EvAoX sent me these two delicate little things.
BloodVixen87 gave me some a cute little spider and spiderweb.
bloodbath sent me this ubergoth little design (and a drawing too!)
Dagmar sent me this, which was inspired by Cara Mitten's Brown Unsus, available for viewing at Thinkquest's World of Fantasy (in the Unicorn section, oddly enough titled "Brown Unsus"). Dagmar also has this to say to help you too acheive this look:

When putting this design on you have to really layer it on underneath your eyes to get the whole deranged look.

She also sent these:
and has this to say about this one:

ooh! I am quite proud of these. My first real work. Ahhhh. Any how, after you put on the webbing (it looks good even without the spider) put on lots of dark grey eyeshadow around you eyes (between webs on top of eye and below eye) it looks really cool

From Brittany Applegate:

Here are some eyes for your page is .....i personally am not very gothic......i wear black alot and am very pale and whatnot....but i try to go more punk...there are only like 3 gothic people where i live.....and theyre basically like me...except for the punk explain the eyes shall I??

1. This is 2 little curlies on the left eye and on the right is 2 curlies and a teardrop. I do this to my friends sometimes because they like it.

2. This is outlined in red and on the left is a arrow kinda thing pointing towards the eye. The other one has curls that overlap with the ones beside it. I came up with this while sitting here.

3. This has alternating black and red colors that have the opposite color dotted inside the one color, like the black has red and the red is spotted with black.
Alisia gave me this cute little thing.
~**Silenced**~ gave me this cute little thing.
From Indigo8613

these are three sets of eyes descriptions as follows:

- So your eyes don't close down, dont connect the liner at the sides, rather draw straight lines out as shown.

- Tears of blood!

- Pink eye. (People will think this is revolting, I think its hot)

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