Gothdom is becoming way too mainstream for me.

There was a prime time comedy sit-com, which featured goths (*gasp!* I'm gasping!). At least it was a Halloween episode, but it looks like its going to be a reaccuring theme. One of the sons on Home Improvement is becoming a goth. I have a sneaking suspicion his goth friend (who was corupting him so nicely) is a true goth in real life, I doubt the actor was that good. And its nice to see equal hiring oportunities for goths. Although the chick was the teenage-boy-wet-dream type instead of a true goth boy's dream, but she's a regular, and so I think they had to use her. And it was amusing watching the (drop your mental voice an octave or two) manly man (see, wasn't that better?) father getting all worked up about his boy wearing nail polish. Just wait until his boy starts wearing dresses and skirts and corsets... But have we become so mainstream and terribly common? Can I scream and hide now? I think I may no longer wish to be called a goth. There are just too many "I'm cool because I wear black and try to act like a goth-type person" people out there. They may look cool, but all form and no substance, try talking to one, and you will find out that long ago their brain leaked out of their ear, if they ever had a brain to begin with. And I've been hearing Sisters of Mercy on radio recently! Which is nicey nice because it means I get to listen to Sisters, but is vaguely scary in that someone actually felt like putting it on (or even more scary, that the annoying DJ actually has a goth CD! Ack!). And Buffy? Yes, I admit it, I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, although I really think she'd look much better in darker colors than some of those horrid pastels... But Sisters was on Buffy! They advertised the CD for Floodland and everything! Maybe this means I'll be able to find more obscure Sisters stuff now? Dare I hope? But the goths on that! Talk about giving goths a bad name, all pathetic little vampire sympathisers (mind you, I like vampires, but I'm not about to say that they're all misunderstood and don't really suck people's blood for kicks and survival), and what was with the costume of that guy? Sparkly blue cape over a suit, some people might be able to pull it off, and if he wasn't such a dork I might be tempted to say that he was so flaming he could light fires by standing within five feet of wood. And I *like* sparkly things, but that was just waaaay too much... Can we create a new subculture just for the actual real goth-type people so we don't have to associate with the others? Pretty please? Now I know why some goths are so critical of others. I've decided. I'm not a goth. I'm a gloom cookie. Definately. Yeah, that's it. I go now to swat approaching spooky kids. Maybe I'll suck their blood.