Places where I spend much money I do not have. I am such a clothes whore...

I'm trying to keep this mostly to vaguely reasonably priced places... I don't need to go any further into hock. And the web is utterly riddled with goth stores anymore, so this is not a comprehensive list, just a slew of things I've seen around.

Keep in mind: If its a reseller, and the models are bimbos in vinyl, its probably Leg Avenue vinyl. And Leg Avenue vinyl sucks. Its the cheap-o thin stuff, that gets stretched out too easily, and it also runs quite large (Lip Service small is quite snug on me, Leg Avenue small is huge). If the vinyl prices are unbelievably cheap, there's likely a reason for it.

Note: it is always a good idea to do a google search on agf before placing an order- you'll get more of an idea as to how these people deal with business. A few have unfortunately not done so well recently.

I've removed the Plastic category, it hsa become outdated. Almost everywhere excepts plastic now, what with Paypal and all. Back when I started this it was a big deal, and I liked keeping track for convenience.

* denotes definately worth a look. (And I was really really picky- if it doesn't have a star its still worth looking out, I pulled out the ones that I found really spectacular.)

Quality & Selection
Amphigory Not ultra cheap (but I think Sephora's generally more expensive), but some really intesting stuff that you won't find elsewhere (especially in the cosmetics). Besides, makeup's expensive. Not a Clothes site, but a place you can find accessories and assorted spoooooooky knicknacks. Lots o' pretty cosmetics. And eyeliner cake. yummy.
Asylum 7* Pretty good pricing- an Australian company A semi cybergoth bent on a number of things, with lots of things that aren't just black as well things that are- ultra cute, and I've only heard good things about them.
Azazel's Accomplice Pretty reasonable in prices, custom made by a goth. Not a major name, although when you're talking smaller designers of goth stuff, it is one of the more known. Not what you see on everyone at all the clubs. Its all custom made, so expect it to take a little time, though she's usually pretty quick (but beware wanting something quick during times she might have a lot of orders).
Black Rose* Not bad in pricing...the killer is shipping from the UK Pretty pretty things. We all love Black Rose. Plus they have a bigger selection of Alchemy Gothic than the Alchemy Gothic site (and they send the catalogue with orders). The online catalogue seems to have a larger selection in more sizes than the store, or at least its easier to find things (its so full of stuff you can hardly move!)
The Dark Angel* A UK company, so the shipping's a pain. Not cheap, but then their stuff is top drawer. Nice pretty stuff. Punkgoth stuff, as well as Romantygoth stuff. Some very pretty things.
Drac in a Box* Another Brit company, but their prices are pretty reasonable for stuff you can only find on that side of the ocean (and not a terribly expensive flat shipping rate too!). Some very very cute things, along with some of the glow-in-the-dark cyber wear, and a rather nice selection of boots. I've ordered from them, and was very happy with service, shipping rates, and how long it took (it got here much sooner than i had anticipated).
Fairygothmother Not cheap-o stuff, so don't expect to get away with not spending any money. (Plus its in the UK) Largely a reseller, but not the stuff you see on a lot of these resellers sites. A nice corset selection.
Faernyn's Grove Corsetry* Pricey, but unique and worth it. Vinyl. *sigh* This is one of the spiffy little design houses, some very nice stuff indeed.
Good Goth Not bad at all. Lots of their vinyl is Leg Avenue, but they have a lot of other really nice stuff, and the prices are quite reasonable. Not the biggest selection (its a small operation), but it changes, and when they do have stuff, its usually at really good prices... Absolutely wonderful people, and wide stripey tights joy!
Goth Auctions The newer goth auction house- also hosts images for you. An auction house, so varied and sundry...
Gothic Auctions Ebay for goths! Big clothing section, and of course it keeps changing An auction house, so varied and sundry...
Gothic Haven* Reasonable prices for what looks like very nice quality (I haven't ordered from them, so I can't say for certain, but it definately looks top notch), including a fair bit of stuff that is exclusive to them. A UK company specializing in all sizes (small to plus sizes- they make a point of carrying for the disenfranchized larger size market), especially corsets, but a fair selection of other clothing and accessories as well (mostly with a cyber or romantic bent).* Very reasonable. Some of the brands you see everywhere, like Emily Strange and Lip Service, and some of the more obscure smaller designers. For instance, carries Underground Aristrocracy corsets, and some Yungfuktoi stuff (which the Transmuters people briefly carried before they got all odd, and is not that easy to find).
Hot Topic Best go for sales. Some stuff isn't that bad, but you can find most of it for less. Large selection, some of it's pretty well made (lots of big names). Its best to see it in person to see if its going to hold up or fall apart the first time you wear it (and unfortunately even if you recognize the brand doesn't assure it will be quality, they've even had some really crappy Lip Service).
Ipso Facto Reasonable. Lots of Lip Service clothing, rest by other big goth designers.
Jaded Minx Reasonable. This looks to carry similar things to Spooky Boutique in a lot of areas. They seem to have a large selection in footwear.
Jeannie Nitro Sales are nice. Otherwise a bit on the pricey side. Lots of very nice stuff, and this is one of the brands you see all over.
Kambriel Not cheap, but nifty for those interested in Victoriana especially. Used to be Atrocities. The pics are less arsty and you can actually see what they're selling now. They are doing a lot of custom and unique items now, but also still have a very romanty off the rack line. (As well as being more clearly visibile, their items are more imaginative now, so its very worth a look.)
Lip Service A bit more expensive than you can find other places, if you can find them... As if you didn't know, this is one of the big brands you see all over. Their site is a bit on the pricey side... Their overall quality has gotten spotty recently, and the sizing has started getting very inconsistent, so even though a lot of it is hard to find in stores it really is best to see and try on if possible.
Red Haze A UK company, so shipping to the States is the problem. Other than that, quite reasonable prices. And oh, but the UV stuff is ultra wonderful. Spiffy UV stuff, loose spikes, goth and punk clothing, accessories, lots of stuff stuff stuff.
Religious Sex* Expensive expensive expensive Lovely pretty wonderful things. There's a reason everything is so expensive...
Retail Slut Not as great as they used to be, but still not too bad. And there's stuff here you can't find anywhere else (along with stuff you can find everywhere). Nicely made stuff (and loose spikes!), and a very nice selection on the website, as well as lots of lovely lovelies in the actual store on Melrose...
Rhavyn's Keep Chainmaille Design Its mail, so its not cheap. But not bad prices comparatively. Mail clothes and accesories, a nice selection.
Shadow Fae Not too bad. Not great, but about what others are going for. A nifty little design house, definately worth a look if you like the Japanese Lolita style, and has some stuff worth a look even if you aren't. Some reeeeeally cute stuff.
Spider's Web Not too bad. Not great, but about what others are going for. This appears to have gone downhill- orders have gone missing a lot, and people have had to threaten with the Better Business Bureau to get anything. This one is at your own risk.
Technokitty* Pretty good pricing compared to what you find this stuff for One stop shopping for the cubergoth- Dane, Craig Morisson Bug bags, Cybertart...
Underground Aristrocracy Only corsets are up currently- which means it will cost you a bit. But this are steel boned corsets out of fine materials, so you won't find anything like them cheaper- a custom pattern is made for you from your measurements to be certain of a proper fit. Shumit does some really fabulous work. I've never ordered from him, but I've seen some of it up close, and you won't find anything of better quality.
The Velvet Garden People reselling old stuff, so usually quite nice. This is a reselling list, so a varied selection that constantly changes.
Vintage and Victorian Clothing and Jewelry* This is real old stuff, so prices can be high Its all old, so it made be a little worn. But you also won't find it many places.
Wysteria* Not cheap, but not bad Specializing in clothing for the larger goth girl- and a lovely selection they have. If you are a Voluptugoth, you should definately check this one out!
Xtra Underground Not terrible, and not stuff you see elsewhere. But its from Germany, and the site's in German, so good luck figuring out what's what without a lot of hit and miss... Very very pretty stuff. Some GAF must haves.
Yosa.Com* Expensive. But lovely. And oh so worth it. This is totally unique. Yosa is an incredibly imaginative clothing designer, and has some gorgeous stuff up...



Quality & Selection
Pennangalan Dreams* Not that bad in prices, but they're in the UK, so shipping's a pain... Lovely selection of wonderful things.
Vixens and Angels Depends on the brand. Overall reasonable. Some stuff is good, some isn't so much. A friend got the spiderwebby pointy boots, and they're pretty shoddy leather for too much money.

Hair, Etc.

What they sell

Quality & Selection
Black and Blue A nice selection of falls- and look at the beads! I especially like the beads, they make this site stand out, since they carry a lot of the staple (and a few different) falls.
Beautifully Chaotic Hairpieces- dreads, braids, curls, and the best plastic I've seen. Nicely well rounded and full of good stuff. Really good pricing on stuff, and a really nice selection of cool things. Especially worth a look if you're in Canada, to take advantage of not having to deal with the exchange rate.
Divaluxe* Ponyfalls- but not the same kind you see everywhere. You get only one, and put it high on your head, then you can divide it in two if you want. Gives you high hair, which you can't get from the other stuff. Only two types of ponyfalls, straight and dreaded. She used nice hair, and attaches it better than just looping elastic around it. And do I ever love it, I have one, and it is just plain wonderful.
Dr. Lock's* A selection of hair and accessories. The bestest thing about Dr. Lock's, in my opinion, are the bangs. They rock. A lot. Pointy, short, long, funky colours (plaid. spider web. leopard print. Just incredible) and patterns- they are kick ass. They also have other hair products, goggles, and some body jewelry.
(by Sinnocence)
More fake hair! Sinnocence was really really great with my order, the post office lost it, and she sent another at her cost- great communication, all over highly recommended as very professional. Note: last I looked she was not accepting orders and sending people to Divaluxe instead.
Mobile Jesse Dread hairpieces and hairsticks Very poofy and nice dread pieces, and some really nifty hairsticks!
Psychedelic Sheep* Yarn hairpieces They're pretty pretty pretty! Chunky yarn in pretty colours- not boring stuff. And you can get all sorts of add ons to make it look as if you actually have yarn hair, without the commitment of extentions- and your real hair won't show at all!
Tenebrae* Parasols, lovely, all around $100 Absolutely gorgeous. I want a vinyl parasol sooo much... (Sadly, appears dead.)
Tart Blossom Anime hair for real people. Wigs and loose hair. Tart Blossom appears missing in action. The website is still there, but people hear nothing about their orders or anything anymore. They appear effectively closed.
Ragdoll Weave Co. Purveyors of fake hair and accessories. I just got my curly ponyfalls in. I am in love. $30 to completely change what I look like, I'm an adorable anime character now, and I didn't even have to cut or dye my hair! Orders are not as zippy as they once were because she is overworked, so don't order if you need it right away (but it usually will only take a few extra weeks).

For do it yourselfers, the ever so wonderful Antimony and Lace
Corsetry at
How to make an Elizabethan Corset
Dark Leather's Corsetmaking instructons
And of course Six Feet Under also has some nice tips (and links too)