More restructuring. Moved some stuff cause the menu was getting cluttered, now its more like I wanted it to be but I hadn't finished enough to feel I could divvy things up. "Me" is, oddly enough, where you will find info about, you guessed it, me. The Convergence 7 stuff has moved there, and there's new stuff- that's why I moved things about, so now you can stalk me more easily. "Esoteric" is the strange little odds and ends I have for you. Its where the fairies and the fear and the dolls and the week stuff now reside. The new interfaces for them are maybe temporary, but I had to come up with something. We'll see if I decide to keep them or use something else. Eyes also updated with new submissions and some stuff you probably won't even know exists to make things a little bit easier for me.

I should be working. Instead I am doing this and spraypainting Christmas greenery black.

Some progress has been made. Eyes updated, the big bandwidth hogs have been moved. If the other server didn't have a tendency to be slower than this, I'd upgrade and move there to not have bandwidth worries. We'll see how a month of this goes, or if they're too much in the way of bandwidth hogs even for that. Other than that, not much has changed.

Trying to sort out what of the download stuff I'm willing to say is finished and ready to be released. Maybe I should have a section with unfinished sets since I have a tendency to get partway through but never really finish. Don't hold your breath- the section won't be open till at least the first of the year with the way things are going around here. Seeing as they're file downloads, my real host is more likely to get "annoyed" too.

Its been a while since I've really talked to you people much, aside from my really long bitch in the kiss page (and I still get emails from people who can't read). Well, so its more talking *at* you, but that's splitting hairs. But, yeah. I have to do something with this. The new interface(s) are taking, as usual, longer than planned. At least for now this isn't too bad. I recently found out people actually come here, and oh! do they come here! You could have knocked me over with a feather. My webhost for this place is ghetto (like really really ghetto, I don't actually pay for space. No 404 pages and spiffy add-ons, but at the time I didn't really need them, and now, well, I will be changing soon for other reasons, but I'm somewhat hesitant still for money bits, but more whining on that later), and they don't give a whole lot of traffic allowance (but its actually pretty decent, 1 gig a month, lots of pay places do that). Finally they started letting you see how much traffic you've got. "Holy fuck!" says I. In 10 days, more than 2 and a half gigs of traffic. Estimating more than 7 for the month! That's higher traffic than the top tier in lots of places! Eek! So, um, anyway, in the attempt to not be gouged by them for extra traffic, I'm trying to move stuff to other space instead of shutting it down. See? I really do love you. I was very surprised at people actually coming here in numbers like that (its got to be a mistake!)- I get very little mail (and I suck at replying), and I had to teach myself *not* to constantly look at my guestbook(s) after my first one depressed me so much (looking every day and no new entries- oooo, that's no good), so I hardly ever look at it (speaking of which, now that I know more of what I'm doing, I have to spiff up the underpinnings of them someday. I'll get to it eventually).

Right. So what that all rambling stuff up there means, is that at some point, probly soon, I'm going to have to start shelling out the cash for this thing. *sigh* I need a job. A steady job. Freelancing is so not doing so hot right now. I *just* missed the whole boom of throwing money at web people, so I didn't even have some time of that. Ah well. It also means that I'm going to probably be taking more time in opening one of the new sections (with downloads of stuff, icons, wallpapers, and such) cause it'll all be downloads and therefore not so hot for trafficy bits (I'm currently getting around to seriously working on the interface. Took me long enough). Not like there isn't enough else I should be doing for this- its how much past July? And I'm only up to Hemlock? Yikes! C7 stuff broke me. I'm working on more, promise. Just slowly. Wish I could find my sketchbook tho, it would so help for the next one.

I also need to update the eyes, I hope by the time you read this I'll have gotten to that. Unless you read it right after I put it up, in which case, um, no, probly not. But maybe today. I succumbed to the terror that is livejournal (no, I'm not telling you where I am. I don't need stalkage, really. If you really wanna find me, I sometimes post on agf) and that's also not helping the whole updating this thing instead of that thing bit either, since I can just ramble there and not do anything *real*. This place takes a fair amount more effort.

Oh, right- almost forgot (well, actually I did forget, but I can add stuff), I made a photoshop tutorial. for all those who want to make safety pins. Its small and silly and here.

Just in time for Halloween, a virtual pumpkin. Its quicker and less messy than the real thing, but it doesn't make as yummy a pie.