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Fairies are on hiatus until I get better access to required materials. Most stuff here is actually, net access isn't pretty, and I can't get things from my computer to the internet right now. If you want the gory details of my life in Scotland, you can stalk me.

September's fairy is obviously late- no scanner access at the moment. I don't even have net access on a computer of mine, having to borrow a friend's, and use the machines at University, so I have been lax on any sort of updates. There is quite the backlog of eyes- I just can't get them to the right place right now!

I leave for a year in Scotland in just a few hours. Updates may be sporatic, email may be more so, and I may end up breaking my promise on the September fairy, since I don't know if I shall have access to a scanner!

I've voted, have you?

A few truly magnificent artists I know are auctioning off works, comissioned or otherwise. I strongly suggest you take a look. These people all blow me away.

Satori is auctioning off a comission piece- and if you don't get it, remember you can comission something from her at any time.

Jade Gordon is offering a slew of great pieces, including some adult.

Rick Cramer is putting up some really nifty spooky collages.

Viva Goth Vegas, baby!

I don't know if I shall be in the country to be able to make it, but regardless, Vegas for Convergence. Aww yeah.

In other news, I'm working on the programming for sykoradio, so people will be able to do more than just listen to it- find out who is spinning when, and what, and the like. Not sure how long it will be until its done- when it is, I'm sure I'll let you know.

<twitch> Birthday has come and gone, and now I'm even more depressed. Lovely. I did get a wonderful gift that I shall show to you after I make sure I can release it, which almost made it all worth it.

Update: It is here. It is a KiSS doll by Nadav, so you will need a viewer if you want to see it. Or you can get a look at a couple of screenshots of the doll, but it is much more impressive than just that.

Its only a year late- but there is a new fairy for this month. There will be a bit of a redesign to the section as well soon, possibly before the next one is up (which will be in September, this September, promise. Its already mostly done). This one is a bit different, she's actually a bit of a borrowed character from something else, but she is named after a flower, and I have a fond spot in my heart for her (and her old haunt is mostly broken, and I haven't been there in forever, so she had been largely abandoned in that incarnation). But she's not really goth so much, usually wears browns instead of blacks, for one. Besides, my birthday is this month, so I can do whatever I want.

Speaking of birthdays, for sykospark's birthday, I was a poster child- flanked by the magnificent Sawyer twins, from C7.

pee ess- Summer is always a big time for the eyes, so there are a few new ones. Things seem to have died down more now, but for a while there I was getting quite a few.

So I've been rethinking this whole kooky web thing. Not sure why I'm doing it right now- putting an awful lot of time and effort into somethat that is rather frivolous, and, well, not really terribly important. Which is not to say I'm shutting the doors or anything, I've just been re-examining why I'm doing this all and trying to figure out where to go from here. Its funny- we all want traffic, and have links to our sites, and want people to show up and to be popular, and then once we get it we realize what a headache it is. Bandwidth costs money and all that rot. I'm not to that level yet, but even though I have fairly midling traffic here (well, actually I don't pay attention to Tasha's stuff anymore really, and maybe the eyes are wicked), I get pr0n levels of file transferyness. The fairies are kind of big scary evil files, I guess. Something certainly is.

Speaking of, there will be new fairies in the relatively new furture- promise. Possibly even before August- which would be one year after this next one should have been there. Self imposed deadlines, not so good with them. Especially when I can give myself excuses.

So, back to the whole rethinking bit. Been spending almost all my waking hours on this humming glowing box, its gotten to the point I'm not sure how to not be spending all my time on it. Part of the problem lies in a lack of alternative leisure activities- and, oh yeah, the fact that I'm a hermit, and refuse to ever actually leave the house. Not being fulfilled with what I'm doing right now, and all antsy and mildly displeased- but that is another story.

So, while I've been staring at this glowing box, what have I been doing? Saying a tearful goodbye to Bobbins, and reading the entire strip all over again. Checking out his new enterprise, Scary Go Round . . . and contemplating a web comic of my very own. Because I haven't learned a damn thing from the whole self imposed deadlines = not so good thing. Still not sure I'm even going to undertake it at all, and if I do, its not going to be as often updated as most of these things, and certainly not like Something Positive, because Daddy is a crackbaby to update seven days a week (or for that matter, Sluggy either. While I don't know him to be sure, I'm thinking crackbaby tendencies as well). Probably even not as often as Penny Arcade or Goats- in fact, probably more like Anna is right now, while she is still finding her schedule.

All in all, it is probably a bad idea. Something else to fill the time while I'm not asleep (which is a fair chunk of it right now, so you know, not so difficult), but there's that whole vaguely something resembling a schedule thing- and not to mention the whole issue that I don't write anymore, other than disjointed little rants to you lovely invisible little meat creatures. And plots- kind of a good thing when writing stories, and I've had issues with plots for a very long time. I've got a rambling random kind of start going on a concept now, but it is still rougher than rough (and currently an entire female cast, of the few I've decided I wanted to keep), so don't expect something soon. If ever.

Been a while since I've talked to you lovely meatcreatures here. Didn't think I was going to be the computer at all for the month of June, but that changed- and then I got food poisoning! Need to update the eyes, been very annoyed with the rocketmail account because it is full of spam. Like extra seams bursting full. But working on it, now that I'm mostly unsick. Oh, and new fairies are coming soon. Really. I know I keep saying that, but I mean it this time!

You know, I'm really really really displeased with Shockwave right now- its been slowly disintegrating into total brokenness for months, and looks like its finally achieved that now. Of course, their help section- no actual help. I tried all the stoopid reinstalling stuff ages ago, duh. Like the most obvious thing to try, right? Reaching the end of my tether on it, which is making me very very nothappy. Funny thing? Works perfectly in every browser except IE- and of course, I only use those others for beta testing anymore, because, well, they're broken in other ways.

Update: I finally fixed it, after reinstalling everything umpteen jillion times. At least its working, even if I'm still not technically happy with them.

I've been battling bouts of carpal tunnel (not to mention other battles, but I won't get in to those), so there hasn't been a whole lot too new around here. I don't have things together enough for it yet, but I drew something, that you can see now. You can see it now, because it is almost C8, which inspired it, though I cannot go myself. You'd all better have fun for me.

Great googley moogley! Normally I get somewhere between 55 and 85 visitors a day, with a tops of about 95. Friday (yesterday, or today to me since I am still up, even thogh technically yesterday) I got 309 visitors! This is proof of the power of the online webcomic, its all my daddy's fault. He talked about me in the blurb of the day on something positive (I made some more buttons, which will be shown to all next update, which is soon). And it generated aalll this traffic! He is shocked. I am impressed. He wants you to check out the fairies. He's a big fan of them. Soon I shall revamp the page and add the fairies he made for me too!

Note to advertisers: if sp can get my traffic to jump that dramatically in one day, don't you wish you were spending more money on advertising on web comics? Even if they don't buy things that day, people notice, and may come back some other time. Give your money to keen, they will treat you nicely indeed, for they have many many nifty comics that people love.

Little things have been done here and there, nothing of which to speak really. I've been playing around with the organization and underpinnings of the gallery section, but nothing's uploaded yet. Seriously considering going the whole watermarking route. I don't really want to, but with the amount of theft on the net, I probably ought to anyway.

Most of my plans for stuff to do around here are more long term right now. Biggest short term priority is to draw more, I had gotten woefully out of practice, and things that are coming out now are often things that I can live with again, so progress is being made, to some extent. This is a good thing.

Bleh. I dislike this whole wanting to be a comsumer again. Sure, I have to eat and all, but I had gotten to a point where I was much more of a producer than a consumer, even if it was in little ways. And now, I'm spending far too much time doing stupid things instead of doing productive things. And drooling over boots. This does not make me happy.

These boots, which fill me with boot lust, are on sale. If you love me, and have the money just lying around, you could buy them for me. Or not.

I'm doing the whole journaly type thing at subkultures.net now, so if you want to see bad digital camera pics I take in lousy lighting of myself in the mirror, you can now. Soon it will be even more polished, once the whole custom template option gets into place.

I neeeeeed a CD burner. desperately. I have too much stuff on my computer, I am rapidly running out of space (I still do have more than a gig, but that is going fast. And I remember the days when harddrives weren't even a gig, and it took years to fill them up....</crotchety>). I've been shoving stuff on zip disks and the like in the meantime, but that is simply a stop gap measure. I would really like to get all the print quality huge ass copies of lots of things I have on here out of the way onto something I wasn't worried so much about corrupting when I'm not looking (for my zip disks have a tendency to do that. It is not polite. Not polite at all).

More pimpage. You might notice the little buttons at the bottom on the left. I'm still pushing subkultures.net, and the other button is for something positive, a web comic by my daddy. You should check it out for your daily dose of web comicy bitter humour. This is the thing I was alluding to a while back and not telling you about because of his traffic woes- they aren't resolved, but he's less likely to be kicked off now. So check it out. You know you want to. Unless, of course, you came from there, in which case you know already the joy that is sp. (A fair chunk of my traffic comes from there!)

There is one more thing I'm just waiting to pimp to you, but at the moment it is not ready for that (seeing as it is, well, not actually open yet). But be ready. Its a good thing.

Unrelated note: I hate Netscape. I hate Netscape a lot. I do not even have the words to articulate how much I detest Netscape. Dammit Netscape, I used to love you! Actually, come to think about it, I'm full of hate about a lot of things today. It has not been a good day. And my computer just said to me, "Fuck you, I'm going to make a mess of things and crash everything you want now." I think I'm calling it a day and heading off to bed before it crashes wholesale again.


I still order you all over to subkultures.net. Cause, well, a lot of the people there are boring. And I'm sure you, having the taste to be here, are interesting. Give me another avenue of procrastination.

I shan't be attending C8, barring some miracle. (For those of you who don't know what C8 is, mosey on over to my C7 page.) I should be responsible and not knock off to Canada, and I oughtn't be doing extravagent expensive things on a whim right now. I am still planning on attending 9 (barring being tied to school, or having a large rock bolted to my ankle by work), so perhaps I shall just make the odd Convergences.

I have almost entirely stopped paying attention to ag and agf again anyway. I don't know, it just isn't as fun anymore. Heavy on the where can I buy, light on the look what I made, and the latter is much more interesting to me. I'm much happier with the DIY, especially these days. (Yes, I am a cheap bitch. I also like making things.) Though its not like I was ever known by anyone there (though the eyes are bandied about quite often!)- I've never been a very social net.goth, though if you're active on ag or agf (or at least were- its been a few years since I've been up on it much really), I probably know who you are, but you don't know me. Mostly I just stay huddled up in the corner and do not make my presence known terribly often. Webpages are the most I do in outbound communication (damn near the most I do "in the real" as well- I haven't actually seen any of my actual friends for, um, over a month? I generally hide away in my house. Occasionally I get ICQ'ed or the like- but that is about the extent of it. I ought to do something about that).

I have fanmail that must, must, must, be answered- but I am so bad about that. Horrible, even. I shall get to it- and soon. Really. I love getting mail that is notspam, but I have gotten so bad about actually answering it- I think this influx of spam may be part of the reason as well.

I'm working on getting some more of my sketches into the computer for Tasha's Gallery. Most of it is up now, but its still a little messy, because I'm missing a few things. I'm not even sure I still have all of them- we shall see.

Now comes the pimpage- get your asses over to subkultures.net. Tell them I sent you, the email sign up thing is only there because they got the influx of bme'ers who were too cheap to pay and couldn't even be bothered to submit pics of their mods or their experiences getting them, since bme just went to a contribution policy (and whining about it being a poor man's bme- they could have gotten away with it otherwise). Mention flowers and you are guaranteed in, I have an in with the people who run it (and they may soon also be hosting this great big mess, so things will no longer be spread across as many servers). The place is still in major development (new styles for pages will be instituted soon, as well as more customizing options, its already nice, but its going to get even nicer), but its already pretty jumping.

Eyes will be updated shortly- I missed a file when I was transferring things for a visit to my mother. I've also joined a community, for someone who isn't very text oriented these days I certainly have a lot of text outlets (this here included). Its still in development, adding spiffy new features and stuff all the time (and I, with my obsessive compulsive pickiness, am coming up with ways to make it better ;). I may not post often in the journal, but you will be able to find me in the chat from time to time.

Hot Topic has new Zimmy goodness- plush Zim and GIRs! Faint hope, but perhaps if Zim merchandise does sell ridiculously well Nick will realize cancelling it was a stupid ass move. They were siting bad ratings as one excuse- yet Zim raised their ratings by 60%! I don't think so kiddos. Ah well, soon as its off the air I'm unsubscribing (big dish) to Nick again, there isn't any other reason I want to let them have my money. At least I shall have them on tape and on the computer (you can download a couple of the episodes that haven't been shown in the States!)

I have new eyes that need to go up shortly- I've also gotten more fan mail in the past couple of weeks than usual, have to answer those as well. Oooo, I feel so special! (And yes, more fairies are coming. I'm just not succeeding in *finishing* any of them right now. I'm a bad bad girl.)

My first experience in web identity theft! (That I know of, or can recall, at least.) This person says this is her site- however, oddly enough, that isn't my email address, I'm not 13, nor am I widowed, and I'm not in Wales. It got the female part right. Whoever it is just set up/updated this thing yesterday, so at least I'm catching it pretty quickly. Ha! I am stealthy and devious like that! She may have just made a mistake- it is one of those stupid template commmunity fill ins. So don't mail bomb her- yet ;).

Update: yes, it was a mistake, she didn't mean to say it was hers. Its all fixed now. Blame MSN for setting things up stupidly.

Added a new site map, to show you exactly what all is around. Pretty much at least. It all makes sense to me, but then I made it, so it had better. Maybe now you all can find things without having to look for them now though.

Playing with my new stats. They amuse me. 65-85 people a day! Wow! Also finding places that link me that I never knew existed, that is many levels of niftiness. 10 of you are not using javascript. Some things will be all mangly/non functional for you. I try to make it not obvious unless I have no choice (like the dolls powered by it, they can't work without).

Eglantine and the fairies are ported to Flash now (all but one, and you'll find out the reason for that later). Load time should be a bit faster now. Still working on new additions, part of the problem being I'm working on them all at once, instead of one at a time as is sensible. Still need to scrape up decent hosting money for this thing, that'll be in upcoming months, fingers crossed and all. I'm not the only one with bandwidth woes, I was going to let you all in on something spiffy, but he's running dangerously close to the cap at the moment, and that is not so good. So I will tell you later when all that is sorted.

New extreme tracker thingie in the bottom left- its temporary. Once I get real hosting it goes bye bye, but I've gotten curious about traffic- I mean, hey, people actually come here. As you might have noticed in one of the earlier bits, that surprises me some. Besides, this way I can see if anyone browses this place without javascript (note: this is largely a mistake, lots of the stuff here runs on it. Javascript is my bitch) and spiffy things like that. The only other Mac user to show up here since I put the tracker up (a whooping, um, couple of hours?) is at the University of Texas. And only one AOL user so far. Yes, my pretties, now I get to spy on you (and actually, you can spy on yourselves too, the results are open to all. If you're *really* bored)! Don't worry, I'll tire of it as soon as I figure out the system and actual results come in. However, I am quite amused but the fact Mac users outnumber everything other than Win98 so far (of the whooping 13 results. Oooo, great sampling I've got there, isn't it?). The useful bits will be screen res and browsers, I get to find out if *anyone,* in the entire world, actually uses NS6 (note: none so far). I do also get to find out where you all come from, and *that* is actually pretty damn cool (KiSS and sykospark are good to me, as well as one other place I'll tell you about later. Hmmm, can you tell I'm being way too easily amused by this stuff at quarter to 3 in the morning?).

I'm also beta testing a chat for a friend, once this thing is bashed into shape it will probably feature icons made by yours truly. Currently its getting the underpinnings to work all correctly, so it is not so spiffed up and whizbang yet, though it already has some fun features. I've been working on too much recently- but it feels as if nothing is getting done. The Flash porting took big chunks of the last week of my life, at least I have something to show for the trained monkeywork (since its all repetative once I knew what I was doing). Might end up writing a tutorial on how I did it all, since I had to splice together the meathod from bits of another tutorial that was 95% entirely unhelpful, and hope I was doing the right thing.

Oh! Random search terms someone used to find me- "professional Jesus twins." Um. What? When was I talking about them, I didn't think I'd revealed my obsession for them here!

A few new eyes are up. I'm learning Flash, and some of the programming is kicking my ass, because the easy way doesn't work. Bah! As soon as I figure out the parts that are being difficult, most of the dolls will be ported. My KiSS page is updated, sort of- its a step down, but its less of a mess. Small, minimal frills, but functional. I still need to build things for the way I really want it to be, and I ought to build a desk before that, so eventually. Probably.

I am currently in the throes of boot lust. Lots of boots, not even just one in particular. Fluevog Lucky Angels, Transmuters, even a few from Hot Topic (like these and these), though those seem to go out of my size awfully quick. But then, I'm not allowing myself to buy more boots right now anyway, so it matters not.

If you love me, you could buy me boots. Or not.

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