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Name: Tea

Group Affiliation: Glitter Goth extraordinaire

Origin: One day some black glitter wandered into the path of an ancient goddess. The goddess accidentally ate the glitter, and Tea popped out of the goddess's head fully grown.

Known Relatives: None. Well, except Nate, but I'm not sure if he really counts...

Marital Status: Taken. Very very taken.

Occupation: Dressing up in pretty clothes, drawing pretty pictures, and getting nice pretty pictures from Rolling Stone

Year Created: 1978

Sign: Leo

Height: Unknown, she won't come down off her perch

Special Powers: Incredible makeup skills, the ability to dress up and look great even though El Nathani stole all her good clothes, the ability to find an awe-inspiring amount of icons

Natural Enemies: Stupid poeple, people who steal things and break copyright on poor little independant web people, obnoixious art teachers

Gothness Rating: Glitter Goth extraordinaire (how many times do I have to tell you?)

Tea's Page of Prettiness: tea's page

GothCode v3.0: GoAu5GD5CD5FA5lm3]Th5$[ TGIJt7 PPeSa B10/25!"1@ cNr-c7 V6s M3w ZGoiFohJa!! C6 a20+ n1D b55F H168 g8T??9? mEa2@Z6A? w8A v6M]9D[ r8EBS p1ZZZZZz D47!* h5 F8M SSrN k6Z N??94JPCH RdS*2p2 lusNY5

Dost thou desire to fathom the code of goth?

Oh dear. Perhaps you ought to go now.