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Name: Mikey

A.K.A.: The Mag-Tape Mummy

Group Affiliation: (He's a robot. But shh, its a secret)

Origin: A long time ago in Egypt they wrapped him up in toilet paper....

Known Relatives: Yummy Mummy

Marital Status: Taken. Very.

Occupation: Lurching around and scaring people, getting drink machines to give people their sodas, creating web pages

Year Created: 1978

Special Powers: Looking smashing in makeup and a skirt or a suit or a fishnet shirt, and looking frighteningly like a member of the Gestappo with his glasses off and wearing a vinyl coat.

Weaknesses: Tana Leaves

Favorite Movie: The Mummy (the original)

Favorite Food: Tana Leaves

Favorite Vegas Casino: Luxor

Gothness Rating: Cute semi goth, with a dash of tikii room thrown in for good measure

The Mummy's Page of Robots: Fresh Brood

Go visit Yummy Mummy on a magical journey with his seven souls.