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Name: Delilah

A.K.A.: Buggy, Herb, Miss D, Hide, Lila, Pestilence, The Flying Octopi (shhh! Don't tell anyone!)

Real Name: HiD

Group Affiliation: Malks

Origin: Arose from the sea bubbles that went *pop*

Known Relatives: None

Marital Status: Single (kinda-am I? you tell me. please. I don't know.)

Occupation: Bouncing, playing yichy evil fun games with furry biting creatures

Year Created: 1977

Sign: Aquarius

Card: Page of Ghosts...er...Cups

Special Powers: Doors close as she walks by

Weaknesses: No one makes sense when they talk because she can't logically hear them so makes up her own conversation

Gothness Rating: Perky goth on speed, chocolate, and too much caffeine. And that's her normally.

Lila's Page: Heidi's Page of Oddity

GothCode v2.0: GoBi+MD+FA!3Au!3 TZ(HJtM) B/28Bk!\^1 cR(DBR)s+3 PPeMoSc V++s M++ Z**(--GoGnReSk) C++u a19- n-c b:+ H164 gT mEa7+ w+ATL r+BP D++* h+TAn(HTgGJt) s10 k++sNW Ro SsYy N??W LusNJ! HdXXLp2

So, you wish to decypher the meaning by visiting the goth code homepage

What did the bear say that was so awful?!?