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Name: Dracone

A.K.A.: The Dragon

Real Name: Erich

Group Affiliation: Furry


Known Relatives:

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Playing guitar, pillaging villages for loot and eating food in a can (knights in armor)

Year Created: 1977

Sign: Libra

Card: Knight of Ghosts...er...Cups

Special Powers: He's a dragon, what do you think?


Gothness Rating: Not-a-goth. Thinks goths are silly. Is friends with perky goth on speed, chocolate, and too much caffeine. Is probably right.

Dracone's Page: Erich's Page of Joy

Furry Code v1.1:FDdm4dmw A+>+++ C- H+ M- W- Z Sm- RLS cmo++ d+++ i+ a- e++ h+ p+ sm#

Well, I warned you he's a furry... If you really have a burning desire to find out more about him, check out the furry code homepage

Supermegatopia, Drac's kind of place.