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Name: Tasha

A.K.A.: Del, V, Bluehead, the Gimp (but I will hurt anyone who still uses this nickname, the time is past already HiD), Floranilla Bean, Florenskus, Death, Gothchick, Continental Glitterpill, Pyrite Fairypowder, Opulence Bangplanet, Opulence Glitterplanet and I'm sure there are others, but my brain is tired, so I go bye bye now

Group Affiliation: Solitary Gloom Cookie, and I'm a Goth Scout too!

Origin: The twisted depths of my mind

Known Relatives: None

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Romping around in graveyards

Year Created: 1977

Sign: Virgo

Card: Page of Bats...er...Swords

What's in it's pocketses: The world (thanks SuperNinja!), 1 black eyeliner pencil, 1 silver eyeliner pencil, 1 liquid black eyeliner, black lipstick, Blistex, student ID, driver's liscence, credit card, $5.68 in change (mostly pennies), 3 peppermint candiues, empty wrappers from 2 peppermint candies, sunglasses, a broken pocketwatch, a pill box, mailbox key, dorm room key

Morty the Death's Head Height: 5'2"? 5'4"? Not sure, couldn't get her to take off the boots with the heels...

Weight: Maybe about 100 pounds? Couldn't get her to take the heavy boots off...

Special Powers: Changing hair color every week, ability to mix different color lipsticks with black on her lips and come up with really cool colors, ablility to disappear into darkness, cannot even walk up a flight of stairs without panting but can dance to goth music for hours on end

Weaknesses: Sunlight, pastel colors, the word "skank," the word cool spelled "kewl," annoying loud alterna-hepster chicks, pink blush

Gothness Rating: Not really a goth, although I've convinced people I am one, oh yes I have, but I'm really a Gloom Cookie, like a goth, but with a creamy filling and being a "shy, cute, intimidated little ball of fluff hiding in the corner"

TV Shows:
Currently on air:
Babylon 5, X-Files, Millennium, The Visitor, Deep Space 9, Voyager, Highlander, Third Rock from the Sun, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (oh, the raging horror!), Batman the Animated Series, Animaniacs, Timecop, Stargate SG-1, La Femme Nikita, Xena, Earth: Final Conflict, Nightman, Outer Limits
On Reruns: Forever Knight, SeaQuest, Dr. Who (aw yeah!), Red Dwarf, Addams Family

GothCode v2.0: *Xxxx Go?? TAnTgP(FeJtzz) B17/37Bk!^2 cBKBU(BR)s- PMoPe(DeNiSh) V++s M++w Z??GoGn--OpCl!! C++me a19- n-C b:- H163 gL m3Ea+ w+4! r-3E D+ h+TTgAnAd(PFe) s5? k+MN RN SsNn N??85W LusCA/NY-4 HdXXLp6

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Yep, even goth girls like me have wonderbras...