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Name: The 23rd Man

A.K.A.: G-Boy

Group Affiliation: Godzilla Addicts Anonymous

Origin: A dinosaur blasted by radioactivity, who occasioanlly surfaces to squish things in Japan

Known Relatives: None

Marital Status: Single.

Occupation: Nuking fries with his atomic breath

Year Created: 1978

Sign: Scorpio

Special Powers: Atomic breath, kicks ass in Goldeneye, ability to collect large enough amounts of toys to make his room look like a toy store

Weaknesses: Large green reptiles, The Smog Monster

Gothness Rating: That rare species of unpretentious goth

23's Page of Prostelization: The Big Knife Page

GothCode v2.0: Haven't convinced him to do it yet...

Leave before the sacrifice of the first born