This list relies on the kindness of strangers. So, please add your favorite, or even add a few, I'd like to see them. To add your own, copy the image below:

by pulling down the pull down menu and selecting save, or how ever your browser saves images. Then use your favorite graphics program to draw in your eye makeup. Then please send it as an attachment to , I'd prefer gif or jpeg format, but I can try to convert it from something else if need be (note: I have not been able to read .art files, aol's in house image format, and I'm still working on figuring out how to read Paint Shop Pro, .psp, files, so it would be better if you could send them as something else). If you want to include a photo of what it looks like on, feel free (just try not to make it too awfully big, I want to try to keep this page with a semi-decent download time...). Thank you.

As for all the legal crap- your eyes still belong to you, and only you. I get to have the priveledge of putting them up here. I also get to resize them if necessary, as well as change them in format and name, because otherwise there are things I never would have been able to put up. I prefer webpage addresses to email addresses, but if no web address is given I will put your email address here so people can contact you (and I have a bit more of a chance of keeping track of people who've put in multiple submissions) unless you ask to have it not put up. It will be mangled with javascript to make it less prone to spiders- so far they haven't gotten around that one.

I've absoluted loved some of the additions I've gotten. If I haven't sent you thank-you emails its because you got eaten up by my mail (it does that sometimes...), but thank you all! I'm glad so many people are willing to share. I know, I fall behind on updating often, but there are times when I have to at least consider working...

p.s. Barring mail failure, everything I am sent gets posted. Sometimes it just takes a while. If I've done an update since you sent something and its not here, try to send it again (unless its one of those .art files, because they can't get posted until I can find a translation program). However, don't send me pictures of other people. Here is my friend and the picture I took of him/her is fine, but here is this picture I found on the intryweb that's neat shouldn't be sent to me. That's what the message board is for!