vamp chickWhen Gothic Eyes Are Moping

Goth Eyeliner LiveJournal Community: I'm unaffiliated with this community in any way, but it looks like it gets good stuff

Boys in Eyeliner:
What can be sexier?

Diva a go-go:
Make-up for Spookykids. A nice all around primer

Take a Bite 1:
includes makeup tips. Also one of the best all around fun things for gothdom, along with the other TaBs

Makeup tips for the bleak

Abracadaver's Guide to Makeup

Queenie's Guide to Perfect-O Dramatic Brows

Jessi's page of hairstyles:
like here, you can submit your own. Show off your fabulous hair

Dark Wyccan's Guide to Gothic Nail Care

The Official Wicked Hair Dyeing Page

Quinnster's Guide to Hair Extentions:
the place to go for hair extentions

if you feel the need to be paler

A nice overview of all sorts of the general goth look

The FAQ on hair and makeup sites:
lots of nice things. You should also read all the rest of the FAQ